Shaun Shue

Tech | Strategy | User Obsessed

Resourceful product consultant with 6+ years of experience driving client success in diverse industries. In tandem with 14+ years software / systems engineering, adept at guiding development, deep dives into client needs, strategic planning and cross-functional collaboration to consistently deliver effective solutions.

When I started my professional life making mobile apps, web portals and running servers, I was teaching myself CAD, rapid prototyping, industrial manufacturing and electronics on the side. I've helmed a few small businesses, and learned about establishing good business practices, effective collaboration with others, and adding value for customers. The result is a deep understanding of how to make things, and what makes them flourish.


Outside of consulting, I promote STEAM education / equity of access.

I have a passion for accessibility from having been a longtime caregiver

I am big into all things culinary as the descendent of restaurateurs.

Feel free to email me, or find me on LinkedIn