Running Ultramarathons

I’ve ran up to 50 miles, and found I enjoyed the challenge more than the extreme distance running, so I did my last one (picture shows relevant medal, and the medal for the half-marathon I did the next day).

Highlights over the years have been:

  • Running in pristine locations, through forests, over mountains, overlooking valleys, cliffs and the Pacific.
  • Having the quiet to think, and the physical exertion to keep me from thinking too much.
  • Finding joy in eating a salted boiled potato.

Lowlights have been:

  • A race organization losing my drop bag, and my having to run 29 miles without nutrition.
  • Digging for worms to eat due to the above.
  • Running through a cactus at mile 2 of 50, and not having the thorns removed until mile 23.