Shaun Shue

Quarantine Diversions: Staying active while staying home

I’ve been working late into the night and weekends on Crash Space and Insignal PPE endeavors, in addition to regular work. After my sourdough literally fell flat, I reverted to my favorite diversion: making things.


Increasing mask breathability, comfort and sealing.

Mask standoff


My hair has been getting long and my barber is closed, so I looked up whether the Flowbee is still being sold. I was somewhat surprised to find that they are, and not surprised to find they’re sold out everywhere. I designed and kludged a vacuum attachment for my clippers instead, and it works surprisingly well.

Vacuum hair cutter


A friend’s son loves dinosaurs and (trying to use) chopsticks. So I made him some dinosaur chopstick helpers.

Dinosaur silhouette chopstick helpers