Shaun Shue

Quarantine Diversions: Staying sane while (mostly) staying home

I’ve been working late into the night and weekends on Crash Space and Insignal PPE endeavors, in addition to regular work. Good time off is crucial to good time on, so after my sourdough literally fell flat, I reverted to my favorite diversion: making things.


Exercising with a mask has been a challenge, so I made a standoff to increase the usable mask surface area / improve airflow / make heavy breathing easier. Our USC Keck partner had found that better sealing on the sides of a surgical mask improved protection for the user and from the user’s aerosols, so I made it attach by perching on top and pressing down the sides. It’s good for cycling, much less so for running.

Mask standoff

I considered refining it to withstand jostling and productizing it, but given the variety of masks and face shapes out there, I’m concerned about improper fit reducing sealing. But happy outcome: I gave an acquaintance some prototypes, and she devised a better / simpler method that, crucial for running and attachment, is built into the mask. Buy two from her here

Kugelmask shop


My hair has also been getting long, so I looked up whether the Flowbee is still being sold. I remember being horrified by the infomercials when I was a kid, so I was surprised to find that they are still sold, and they’re sold out everywhere. A sign of these unique times. I designed and kludged a vacuum attachment for my clippers instead, and it works surprisingly well.

Vacuum hair cutter


A friend’s son loves dinosaurs and (trying to use) chopsticks. So I made him some dinosaur chopstick helpers.

Dinosaur silhouette chopstick helpers