Shaun Shue

I built this site to sell a single bottle, and using organic SEO, got it to the coveted #1 Google spot for “Perfection Cognac,” “Perfect Cognac” and #2 for “Hardy Perfection.” For all the growth hacks in digital marketing, never underestimate the power of a good authentic story and nice pictures.

I had posted about making the site on my old blog, promising not to seed search engines too often (a promise I’ve kept). The post got two lonely comments—one curious about how much a 100+ year-old cognac made with extinct grapes might cost, and the other a simple “Wow.” But a few weeks later, the site’s analytics went crazy. It had picked up buzz and traffic from cognac and fine liquor sites, as well as individual interest from people fascinated with rare and exotic things. As I expected, it rose in rankings for the above search terms and general cognac searches. I did not anticipate that it would surpass Hardy’s own site.

It was also interesting lessons in the luxury/Veblen goods industry, as I’m certain the site disrupted the market after retailers with bottles in stock changed their prices from $5000 at the site’s launch to Call us: 1. Mete out interest for long term sustainability. 2. Commanding a premium depends heavily on making people want something and limiting supply.