Shaun Shue


I managed development of a custom BIS application with a massive legacy database, and communicating the UX nuances across 10 time zones and a language barrier was challenging. I had worked with the client at length to understand their workflows, and the interface was important for usability while talking on the phone.

In undergrad, we were learning development lifecycles, and my professor told an anecdote about the Agile / Waterfall hybrid, Disposable Prototype. He had churned out a quick example application, and his client wanted to close the contract and just pay for that. My professor was insistent on staying the course, and in the end, his client was even happier with the better refined, easier to use and faster final product.

In that vein, I churned out a dummy application in LiveCode (a good quick-app platform in itself). It compiled to a standalone application that I sent off, and the finished system came back perfect. The storytelling adage holds true in development: Show, don’t tell.