Shaun Shue


Some other things I've enjoyed / enjoy


Food Builds


Sous vide controller

Before Anova made it easy, I made this. It introduced me to PID.

Grill controller

A fun build I use regularly. It introduced me to PID tuning.


A two-day build for a wine and cheese pairing competition (we won). I changed the parallelogram tightening mount for a stack of plates.

"Instant" chiller

An early lesson about problems in search of solutions. It chilled a 12 oz. can in ~30 seconds. Main competitors: ice or foresight.


Fitness / Wellness




I started during an extremely difficult time in my life. It has also been good for my hip (see: Ultrarunning)

Endurance / Ultrarunning

The tastiest thing I've ever eaten was a boiled and salted potato, when my halfway bag was lost, and I didn’t have anything to eat for 28 miles. One too many injuries put a stop to it.




3D Printing

My first printer was a DIY RepRap design, way back. It’s been fun and useful since.

Light Electric Vehicles

STEAM Education



Favorite board games are chess, cribbage, Quiplash and Codenames—high skill/low luck/reversible, per my Game Development course. I've played casual phone games and was "that Shaun" in RoverCraft.

A board I made


"that Shaun"